Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day With Thomas

Kelly & Nancy drove up and surprised Will with tickets to a Day With Thomas. They had promised him as part of his Christmas gift that they would take him on a train ride. He was in little boy heaven! When he saw Thomas coming down the track, he said "Ohhhh my goodness!" and covered his mouth with his hand; eyes open wide.

Kelly & Nancy bought us all tickets to ride the train but there was so much more to do. There was a petting zoo, a miniature train ride, train tables, a large model train set, pictures with Sir Topham Hat, a bubble machine, and temporary tattoos. We all had a blast!

The funniest little chicken

Always grabbing earrings...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Reese - 9 Months

Dear Reese,

You are 9 months old, weigh 18.5 lbs (41%), are 27.75 inches tall (57%) and have a head circumference that is in the 94%. You get your head from your daddy's side of the family. You have light brown hair and blue/gray eyes. Your hair isn't falling out anymore and is getting long; especially on the sides and at your crown. 

You can pull yourself up if I offer you my hands and you can stand up without any help at the coffee table or in your crib. No crawling yet. 

You are a very happy baby. You giggle a lot and love to watch Will play. You are starting to grab his toys and food if he is too close. This makes him a little annoyed. 

You are a gorgeous baby. Everyone at church wants to come up and see you. The youth group loves to hold you and pass you around. You have started singing and dancing; which is completely adorable. 

You don't have any teeth yet but you like to munch on puffs and oyster crackers. 

We love you Reese! You are a joy in our lives. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dresses for Reese

I am just starting to learn how to sew clothing for Reese. I want to share two new dresses that I have completed recently. Right now I'm working on my first bishop dress with smocked detail. I'm excited to see how it turns out. 

First, I made the Sweet Dress out of Lindsay Wilkes' new book Sew Classic Clothes for Girls. Her book has a lot of cute patterns that I can't wait to try out. I made this one in size 12 months, so Reese is not quite big enough to wear it yet. 


Next, I made a pillowcase dress out of a gorgeous vintage sheet I found at Goodwill. The entire dress cost me $3, which was mostly the eyelet trim. I got the ribbon that goes around the neckline off of a tablecloth package I purchased at Target, the vintage sheet cost $1, and I already had the material for the lining. It is also size 12 months. 

We are planning on going to the beach this summer and I thought this would be the perfect dress to take. 

I decided to line it since the sheet was so old and thin.